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Yo Everton Ima Let You Finish But…

That was a dirty, scrappy match that we won yesterday. There wasn’t a stretch of the match that wen’t on for more than 5 minutes (I think) that didn’t have a rough tackle, foul, or whistle. Unfortunately, in the first half, the ref was entirely one-sided.

I am beyond angry at the announcers for that match. They talked about that off-side call as though it were a ‘debate’ and that it was a ‘gray area’ since it touched an Arsenal defender on the way in to Saha. How do these jokers get on the air? If the man is in an off-side position when the ball is played, it doesn’t matter if it ricocheted off an Arsenal player. In fact, if the game were refereed by super-intelligent and super-quick referees (or robots for that matter), the whistle would have been blown BEFORE it hit off of Koscielny. Am I wrong about this? The only case in which Saha would have been onside was if that were a pass back from another Arsenal player.

Hey Moyes. Why don’t you stop trashing Arsenal players about whatever it is they did or did not say. Let the refs handle it. Or Kanye.

Kanye Gives Moyes What He Deserves

Yeah Moyes. Listen to Kanye and be humble that you even got that one lucky goal.

And today is a special day. Because Arshavin scored, I think he deserves some praise. It’s a Double-Kanye-Whammy.

Everton Gets the Kanye TreatmentSo ridiculous.

Anyways, Arshavin finally got over the troubling mental blocks that he’s been going through. He was much, much better against Everton after coming on in the second half. He was in control and really helped turned the tide. After the second half we never looked in doubt, and fortunately the two goals came just within 5 minutes of each other. Hats off to Koscielny who scored another brilliant header. I like that trend.

The only downside of this match is Song picking up an injury. As if losing Nasri wasn’t bad enough. I haven’t heard any word yet as to how bad the injury is, but hopefully our golden haired hero will be back soon enough.