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The Blunder

That Carling Cup final was a thrilling match. We played well, as did Birmingham. Despite owning the majority of the possession, having more shots, more shots on goal, and just generally putting on a better performance, we lost.

I’m not going to go into details about why we should’ve won, or why we didn’t deserve to win, or what we should’ve done differently, or how unfair it is.

The one thing about this match, like other matches before it, is that a particular image has been forever burned into my mind. Like the Champion’s League Final with Lehmann sliding in on Eto’o, or another Carling cup Final featuring Drogba scoring again and again. I will always remember the shot of Koscielny and Szczesny, on their knees, with the look of utter defeat and regret in their eyes.

The Blunder

And so the season continues. Come on Arsenal.

7 Things That I Learned Yesterday

Yesterday we won against Ipswich at home in a 3-0 victory (a score I predicted). It was a great game that had a fair amount of tension built up after a scoreless first half. We never really looked in doubt though, given the amount of pressure we were putting on their goal.

I was a bit nervous after seeing the line-up. Leaving Nasri and Song on the bench always seems like a gamble to me. Song in particular acts as a real backbone to the team, and Nasri is better offensively than Arshavin. But in the end, despite some wayward passes and dispossession, Arshavin contributed significantly. He assisted the second and third goals.

1. Bendtner Scores When it Matters (and Shaves his Chest)


Bendtner - Aerodynamic

Yeah, they aren’t related.

Bendtner was pretty frustrating to watch in the first half. Thankfully he came through with a really solid goal in the second. A classy goal, even. It was the goal that was the most important and was desperately needed in that match.

Either Danish people aren’t hairy or he shaves his chest like some sort of underwear model. That or he has a full chest of thin, blond hair. I just gagged a little.

Does he also swim for the Denmark Olympics team?

2. Sagna the World Beater got Beaten

Sagna - Down But Not Out

Sagna - Down But Not Out

Get this man some fire win, stat.

Sagna was taken out early after a bad collision with Szczesny. If Szczesny had been hurt who knows what our keeper situation would get like.

I haven’t heard any word on Sagna as of the writing of this post. Hopefully we’ll hear from the Arsenal camp soon about his condition. If there is ANY justice in this world, Sagna will be just fine.

Less relevant to Arsenal was the significant head injury that Rafael sustained, which sidelined the eventual Manchester win for a good 10 minutes.

Sagna would never need 10 minutes.

3. Djourou got his 100th cap

Djouro's 100th

Djouro's 100th

This is what happens when you follow players on twitter. You end up seeing tweets like this directly from players. It was a fun way to learn that this was his 100th appearance.

Wikipedia seems to think he has more than 100, but I’ll trust the statisticians that told Djourou about it over anybody else.

Djourou has been great for us since coming back to the first team. As usual he was solid in defense against Ipswich. Here’s to 100 more.

4. Koscielny Scores… Celebrates Pregnancy



Koscielny scored the winning goal after a perfectly placed cross from Arshavin. Koscielny always look threatening in the box and it’s great to see him snag a header like that. I still think he’s a great signing and he fits in with the rest of the squad perfectly.

Koscielny’s goal celebration revealed that he’s expecting a newborn. I hadn’t seen anything in the news about that yet. Since he’ll have to drop out of the squad for 9 months we’ll definitely need another center back now.

5. A Voice is Silenced



In case anyone is wondering, it’s not okay to make completely idiotic, misogynistic statements in the work place. It would be one thing to say things like that as a joke making fun of misogynistic people, but to actually say that and believe it puts you on a whole different plane of stupidity and ignorance.

Fairwell to Andy Gray. I’m sure you’ll end up just fine, but it may be wise of you to think a little about what you said. And even more-so, why you said it. Unless you’re Will Ferrell’s hilarious “The Anchorman”, you can’t get away with saying things like that.

“You’re just a woman with a small brain. With a brain a third the size of us. It’s science.”

I hope Richard Keys gets what’s coming to him. After this video surfaced, the evidence is really starting to pile up (via arseblog). It’s nice that these old fuddy duddies who are making so much money think they have the capability to say such stupid things, let alone with cameras all around them.

Surely by now you’ve seen the photoshop of the female linesman as seen by Gray and Keys. I’m embarrassed I didn’t think of it first. Does anyone know who made it?


6. Blackpool Can’t Keep a 2-0 Lead


Blackpool - Football Club?

I guess that isn’t terribly surprising, if I’m being fair. It was really unfortunate that they dropped their lead. Manchester United is now 5 points ahead of us, and they are going to have to drop some games for us to have any change.

In addition, they’re long unbeaten run still continues. This threat of equaling the invincibles is worrying.

We still have United at home, so that might be the saving grace.

7. Adebayor Is Out of the EPL


Adebayor - Sayonayor

Adebayor. Adebayor. Adebayor. Good fucking riddance.

Now that Adebayor is leaving the EPL, hopefully for good, we’ll more than likely never have to deal with him showing up at the Emirates again. What a nuisance that guy turned into. He’s the very definition of a troll.

I’m really surprised that Mourinho picked him up out of Manchester City. For one thing, if a player can’t find first team action on Manchester City, that should tell you something. In addition, Mourinho has traditionally been a better judge of talent than this.

Who knows though. Maybe Ade’s lanky style of play will suit La Liga perfectly. That and the laziness.

The real thing worth considering is if this loan deal will really pan out for everyone. Ade may end up even worse off.

Come on Arsenal!