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Messi is #2, Barcelona are Trolls


It’s put up or shut up time for the old Arsenal. Today we host Barcelona in the fabled Champion’s League in a game which surely the entire world will be watching. When we have a global audience for big games like this I get extremely excited and extremely worried.

For one, the lads have the opportunity to really strut their stuff and make what many people say is “the best team in the world” look like a bunch of school kids. On the other hand, “the best team in the world” has yet another opportunity to make us look bad.  Barcelona has become the latest bandwagon team and I just hate having conversations with bandwagoners about Arsenal.

Barcelona Is Number Two

I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a thrilling match in which Arsenal put things to rest.

In other news, Messi says Barca is just number two. Either that or he has a turtle head poking out.

News ahead of a game like this is always frenzied. The last reports out of Arsenal are that Nasri is fully fit and will be starting. This is a bit of a relief. Sagna is still serving the red card ban, so we won’t have our regular back line. This is the one issue we are going to have with our line-up.

Out of the Barcelona camp, Puyol is still injured, which can only be a good thing for us. That mop-haired muppet is a regular in their side, and we’ll certainly benefit from his absence.

And interesting fact out of The Independent is that Messi has never scored on English soil. I’m not sure that really matters, as those sorts of stats are only the sort of thing people like to write about. They don’t hold any bearing on the actual proceedings. Pique has been slightly off form.

I set off to make a Barcelona v Arsenal graphics and things got way out of hand. I ended up making one those images that you would see in front of a boxing match or a UFC fight. It’s only missing some explosions and some gigantic fighting text.

You can see the finished result below, which can be clicked to get a full screen version (1920×1080, perfect for widescreen desktops).

Arsenal V Barcelona

After spending so much time staring at those ugly Spanish mugs, I felt the need to do something mean to them. It took me awhile to figure out what exactly, but suffice to say that I accomplished what I wanted to set out to do.

Here you can see the Barcelona players for who they really are, a bunch of trolls.

Arsenal V Barcelona - Trolls

If you are both an Arsenal fan AND a reddit user, then I hope you find that extra special.

Come on Arsenal!